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Honoring Harvey Beetle at 10th Pub Mania

It began as a tag-on event to Laconia Athletic & Swim Team’s Cycle Mania fundraiser for the Children’s Auction, and now, nine years later, Patrick’s Pub Mania is billed as the “World’s Greatest Barstool Challenge” by Patrick’s co-owner and event referee Allan Beetle.

This because Pub Mania raised $47,000 for the Children’s Auction during the initial Pub Mania event in 2009 and raised the bar to a record $303,630 last year for a total of $1.6 million.

“A few years back we revised our Pub Mania logo and decided to add “World’s Greatest” to it,” Allan says. “Who knows if it is true, and who cares? It’s about having fun and making an impact on our community. It’s also hard to imagine another restaurant or pub that hosts an event like this with such an amazing group of people who want to make a difference in children’s lives—and have fun while doing it.”

Thirty-two teams each lay claim to one barstool during Pub Mania, and each team has 24 participants (aka Culinary Athletes), one for each hour of the 24-hour event. Participants raise and/or donate money, many working throughout the year on fundraising. This year, they will show up to sit on their stools and celebrate their accomplishments, beginning with Open Ceremonies on Dec. 6 at 9 a.m.

What follows are 24 continuous hours of music, games, contests and antics designed to allow participants to have a fun and memorable visit, hopefully returning the following year inspired to participate again.

“We play a Plus $1 game each year with the goal of surpassing the money raised from the preceding year,” Allan explains. “Every year, I’ve been fairly certain we won’t accomplish that, and I’ve been wrong every year so far. The generosity of this community keeps blowing my mind. I can’t imagine raising any more this year either.”

Allan says Pub Mania’s team captains are the backbone of the event, building and inspiring their teams to contribute, fundraise and show up ready to have fun around the clock.

What’s extra special this year for Allan and his brother/business partner Jeff Beetle, and the entire Beetle family, is to have a team in honor of their father, Harvey Beetle, who passed away in October.

“Dad was very proud of this event and all the volunteers who work to make this happen. He helped kick off Opening Ceremonies at the very first event in 2009 with a special song by the barbershop quartet he was part of then, called Reverb,” Allan says. “This year one of the barstool teams is called Harvey’s Harmonizers in his honor, with family friend Dan Wilkins taking the lead as team captain.”

Known by most in his community as “Scud,” Harvey Beetle loved music sung in four-part harmony, and he sang in barbershop choruses and quartets for the past 50 years.

“Singing was one of his true passions, and we have many fond memories of watching him perform,” Allan says. “Dad was also an investor with Jeff and I when we purchased Patrick’s in 1994. As the business and our contributions in the community grew over the years, he became more and more proud. Having a team in his honor is a very fitting tribute.”

For more information or to participate in Pub Mania visit or email

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